Design for manufacture

Created your design and now the manufacture of the product has come out wrong or isn't possible without setbacks? You're not alone.

With the vast experience of product development knowledge our job is to help you design your product so it can be physically made with the least amount of compromises to the original design as possible.

A great example would the manufacturing of old cars. These cars we're designed and then the parts manufactured externally by different companies. Due to technology back then parts didn't fit as intended, which caused issues with waterproofing and gaps and ill fitting parts. Make sure your design doesn't follow suit and let us fill in the cracks.

We will to be able to give you professional advice and guidance to help put your ideas into the mix and make the best product possible. We aim to design your product on screen and carry through the product to prototype then to the final design while keeping it as consistent as possible during.

We don't design products, we help YOU design YOUR product!

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